As a poet, words are significant, but words themselves are simply signs. Language is evolving and neither consistent nor stable; weaving itself in and out of other languages and becoming in part extinct and being re-birthed elsewhere.

I wrote a poem a last year, titled ‘The Spaces Between’ which explored the idea of a pause which can essentially be seen as a space of ‘nothingness’ and yet is not nothing; rather it can be a moment or experience of transition. Spaces, which are ‘nothing’ actually create meaning for words which are ‘something’. It is the complex necessity of nothing existing so that something can ‘be’, in the sense that we can create meaning from it.

On cyberspace, words are absorbed, copied, translated, deleted, altered and coded. Where do physical words on paper go when they are absorbed into cyberspace? Is cyberspace the new resting place for words? Are they immortalised here? If I take a poem, handwritten on paper in the ‘real’ world and I photograph it, then destroy it; but film the entire process on my phone, is the work still ‘in existence’.  Physically, it no longer exists but in cyberspace it is still ‘something’. It can still be accessed and have meaning through the visual elements create with during Web 2.0. The possibility of experiencing it tangibly in the future, with advances in technology is also very interesting.  The coming alive of previously archived data sources into new objects is very intriguing indeed.

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