So, after exploring the following themes or avenues in Project 1:

  • cultural residues which make citizenship really a ‘nothing’ and boundaries pointless
  • the absurdity of words in cyberspace
  • the fall of cultural icons (literally) in the destruction of statues e.g. figures of colonial oppression removed from places of learning or city centres in South Africa
  • mathematics and physics represented through art
  • the ephemeral nature of light; and
  • light as a spiritual metaphor
  • the digital aura.

I met with the artist, Chris Jones, to discuss my work and the direction I hoped to take it in e.g. an installation based on the subject of light and the difficulty in actually capturing light. I showed him how the work had progressed from images captured digitally, to reproduction on transparency.  In doing this, I noticed that modern technology (photocopy) could not produce ‘light’ as the ‘space’ for light remained ’empty’ or ‘nothing’. We agreed that the other areas of exploration could be shelved as this aspect of ‘nothingness’ became the most intriguing. It seemed that in producing these works I had unintentionally stumbled on a phenomenon of light, which when captured digitally and reproduced, was in all actuality ‘not really there’, leaving a vacant space or a colour void. His advice was to cull all the extraneous elements I had been exploring regarding light and focus simply on this aspect of ‘nothingness’, was actually a welcome relief as my mind had taken itself on several labyrinthine journeys, yet had produced no actual sense of wholeness or completion (ironic for a nothing project). The other ideas and my usual drawing and painting, are now on the shelf (aside from some small bronze experiments which are now in the wax phase and a painting I did for a restaurant), in a ‘space between’. New ways of seeing will need to be experimented on, through other media such as projection and maybe SLR or Screen Printing. This week; however, I am going to focus on the theory of colour in art and explore how light has been captured in art from the very ‘beginning’. I also need to revisit the artists I looked at: Jenny Holzer and James Turrell.

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