Matisse Chapel or Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence (Chapel of the Rosary), or the Vence Chapel

How wonderful that I was directed towards this brilliant, inspiring and sacred space. Built and decorated between 1949 and 1951 by one of my favourite artists, Henry Matisse, it epitomises my ideology of updating the idea of the sacred through light and colour, yet maintaining that aura of veneration or reverence. Viewing this masterpiece (because it is so much more than just a building) has made me do a U-turn on my original cull and opened up an opportunity for working with multimedia in an installation of some sort whereby the viewing experience is elevated and the mind’s boundaries transcended into the realm of the visionary. 
I adore the three sets of stained glass windows and his vibrant and stylised use of colour. The limited palette of three colours adds a dimension of abstraction or modernist fauvism which is ‘wildly’ expressive. There is that intense sunshine yellow and a vibrant green alongside the vivid and symbolic blue (the Virgin Mary). The two windows by the alter are exceptional and abstract, yet called the “Tree of life’, adding a contemporary touch to traditional biblical subjects. And just when you think you can’t take in all this aesthetic beauty, the colours and shapes and lines, explode through filtered light onto the stark white of the walls and interior space. I desperately need to stand in the middle of this space … in awe. 

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