For obvious reasons I am thinking of the process of a migraine. The aura or visual ‘lights’ behind the eyes. The dizziness and stillness as speech evades one. The pain which can be so severe, you pray to pass out. The sweating and vomiting. The entire process is like a physically cathartic exorcism for the body. One that comes unexpected. No chanting, no laying on of hands, just a something that triggers the bodies’ revolt. There is no place comfortable enough to lay your head during this. But finally it comes: the relief after hours of crying, when you can keep the head still. In that phase there is a bombardment of images, as if the brain is deleting or filing again, finding ways to clear up and clear out. This is followed by an unusual l peace and a weakness throughout the body which forces rest. I wonder if this is something I could look at it in terms of light. 

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