Poem for my gran

This earthly light is but a shadow
Of one that burns eternal:
A knitted blanket
An embroidered forever.

I watched you as a child
My eye following the silver needle
In and out
As you coloured our lives with
Cottons and tiny stitches,
Interlocking like leaves.
And I was mesmerised.

I was also learning
How to stitch my own pattern,
Neatly, trying hard
Not to prick my finger or
Make a knot,
For work like this
Takes patience and
It takes skill.

But fabric is material,
You blow the dust off
Like ashes
To see the colour beneath.
Colours so rich
And so textured they move
Stitched to my heart
Like a love tattoo.

And I'm still watching you as
You sew a new path
On a new cloth
Where the light burns eternal
And the colours are
Forever bright.

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