Light poems for MA

Light in a dark galaxy

You brood like dark circles beneath eyes

That orbit your world in

Concentric circles

Like flies around a working corpse

Because life is work and work is life and

Sleep is for the dead you say

In your focused, manic

Manly way, with

A look that catches me like a virus

Rolls me feverish in your dreams for

I am your insomniac lover

Catching crumbs beneath your table

As you feed your bread to fat tarts

Sow your pearls to swine

And I am still here, hungry

Navigating your dark circles

Like a faded moon.

But beware my lover

With your costume jewellery morals

Hung about your neck

Too tight


For here I am without gravity,

Ready to float into the Milky Way

Simple as stardust.

Fired as a comet.

A sun.

A star.

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