Tony Bevan at Ben Brown Fine Arts, London

<span class="artist"><strong>Tony Bevan</strong></span>, <span class="title"><em>Untitled (PC181)</em>, 2018</span>

If it is not the clashing red against black or visual remnants of charcoal that captivate the viewer, then it is the fragments of architecture juxtaposed with the bare, skeletal remains of trees that does it. The large scale paintings by Tony Bevan are an interesting blend of representational and abstract elements brought together through the repetition of colour and material.

There is something simultaneously structural and yet apocalyptic, as if the works have photographically captured the moment before collapse or the moment after a lightening strike. Some works merely hint at structures like roofs, while the two tones and flat forms, hint at depth and perspective.

His pigments are a rich mix of acrylic paint over charcoal. The charcoal that remains on canvas suggests something quite industrial and adds texture, yet on another level it signifies something abandoned, memory or even nostalgia. All of these spaces are devoid of figures and life. They are relics of another time: monuments to industry, workers, unions, mining and perhaps even suffering.



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